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The winning style that is sparkling all across Europe

A market leader in the sale and purchase of precious jewellery, luxury watches and diamonds, OroCash is characterised by its professionalism, transparency and quality.

In OroCash stores customers will find highly-qualified personnel, and a place where they experience buying and selling in total peace and in full compliance with all the regulations. The high quality of our products allows us to meet the expectations of even the most demanding of customers.

Founded in the year 2000, with its first store dedicated to the buying of gold, OroCash has consolidated its image over the years by offering an increasingly wide variety of services: the appraisal and valuation of diamonds; the buying and selling of luxury watches; a goldsmith's workshop service and the selling of jewellery of certified quality at very competitive prices. All with the highest possible quality standards and the guarantee of the OroCash brand name.

The Group has about 150 directly operated stores in Italy and 200 operating under franchise and it also has about 100 stores in Europe, operating in Spain and Portugal. OroCash is also a member of the Federorafi (goldsmiths) section of Confindustria (the Confederation of Italian Industry) and is listed on the register of professional traders in gold held by the Bank of Italy.



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Why OroCash?

After operating in the sector for 11 years, OroCash is still supporting its affiliates in their day-to-day work. In fact, it is thanks to its own stores located throughout Italy, that the company is able to experience first-hand the issues concerning the trade, the evolution of the market and its customers, while studying the competition. This allows OroCash to develop marketing strategies and advertising campaigns aimed at testing out new products and services and only making them available to their affiliates once their effectiveness has been proven.

 An OroCash affiliate is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word.

An OroCash affiliate is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. In fact, by getting their own VAT number they are launching an independent business and taking on the responsibility for their own point of sale. Choosing a brand name like OroCash allows them to benefit from the operational know-how acquired after a lengthy experience, one that is well tried and tested and established on the market and that is capable of guaranteeing the entire business.

 The affiliate's entrepreneurial risk is limited

OroCash guarantees its affiliates, that every 14 days; they will collect all the bought-in gold, eliminating the need for having to keep any warehouse stock. In fact, they will pick up all the precious objects that have been acquired, at their own expense and using specialised security couriers, guaranteeing immediate payment for each shipment at the best market price.

 Minimum initial investment

There is no entry fee.

The only initial investment required relates to the fixtures and fittings and equipment necessary for running the business: the cost of this is estimated to be between €15,000 and €30,000 plus VAT.

 Operating the point of sale

Stores are fitted out to be totally functional for the acquisition and sale of precious objects, while taking into account the security standards required by the special nature of this type of business. An effective, albeit simple, management system supports the store’s daily activities, making the work of the staff absolutely simple and aimed at offering the client the best possible service.


Toll free number:  800 861 585 -

Franchising Compro Oro OroCash

The proposal

With OroCash you only pay if you earn!

OroCash initially established itself on the market as a simple purchaser of gold but it very quickly became a service store that added to its traditional business by providing offers of value to its customers:

  • The sale of refurbished precious objects using the ‘certified quality guaranteed’ method.
  • The services of a goldsmith's workshop.
  • The purchase of used silver.

This ensure the best possible terms and conditions for its customers

The franchise formula includes the following commercial conditions:

  • Entrance Fee - none
  • Fortnightly royalty of 4% on the annual turnover of sales to the concession holder
  • Monthly royalty of 5% on the annual turnover of sales to the public

The affiliation agreement is clear and in line with European standards. It has a 6-year renewable term

Services provided

The affiliate will benefit from the following services:

  • A free course of specialised training, held at our head office, in both the practical and the theoretical aspects, as well as refresher courses and advanced courses for the duration of the contract.
  • Two in-depth meetings at our head office for the presentation of the business plan and a first feasibility study on the geographical area of ​​interest.
  • The use and benefits of the OroCash brand name.
  • Territorial exclusivity in the area.
  • Support in identifying the ideal location with an on-site visit by our local representative.
  • The legal and logistical support required for obtaining municipal authorisations, licenses and permits.
  • The free design, for the duration of the contract, of the store's fascia, distinctive decals and logos, as well as the artwork and customisation of flyers/posters for advertising the OroCash store.
  • Full-time support available through our call centre, which is staffed by highly qualified personnel ready to help solve any problem related to the running of the store.
  • Administrative, accounting and legal support from specialised and dedicated professional advisers.
  • A management software package that will assists in both the operational and the accounting management of the business as a whole.
  • A dedicated press office.
  • Free collection of gold every 14 days with immediate payment.

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